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Delfast electric bike: stolen and found

Delfast electric

Here’s a customer story. One of our customers who works as a delivery guy has used the bike for work. “At 1 PM on a Sunday I parked a bike near McDonald’s. Soon the bike was stolen”. He realized that he needed to act quickly, so he called us up. Apart from notifying the police, the Delfast decided to help out on our own. We tried to track the bike through the built-in GPS tracker.

On our system, the e-bike was located near a certain construction site. The owner arrived at the spot but couldn’t see the bike anywhere and it seemed like something was off and we’ve lost the track of his vehicle.

However, there was a van near the location pin we were seeing. And once we saw the van driving away – the owner got a push notification that the bike was being moved. The answer is obvious: the e-bike really was hidden in the van.

Long story short – the owner managed to retrieve his bike safe and sound and it is really awesome that with the built-in tracker our bikes almost always get back to their owners!

That’s how Delfast can view all the e-bikes whose owners have installed our app:


We’re sure you’ve had your bikes stolen, did you manage to get those back? And if so – how? Share your stories with us and tell us if a GPS tracker in your bike would have helped.

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