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Top 2.0 electric bike – the Delfast bestseller

Top 2.0 electric

Almost every day there are more and more people choosing Delfast Top 2.0, which is not that surprising. This e-bike is the best decision of the Delfast team and it includes both speed and range.

Here are some words about the Delfast bestseller.

Delfast Top 2.0 is the fastest model in the electric bikes brand’s lineup. It is therefore perfect for people who love the speed and the extreme, including those who find the enjoyment in travelling out of town. Top 2.0 is the electric bike the Delfast team is very much proud of and we eager to improve it further.

The Top 2.0 electric bike was designed to meet the needs of people who opt for comfort and efficiency of EV, and yet appreciate the pedal assistance which makes the e-bike high speed legal (bonus: riding an e-bike does not require the driving license). Delfast equals the ultimate freedom: the freedom of movement and the freedom of choice.


When riding Top 2.0, the one can easily traverse any kind of terrains. Additionally, there are no weather conditions that can stop this e-bike. Thus, this is the universal EV for various types of activities. In all fairness, it is the powerful and innovative travel companion.

This electric rocket, which can reach up to 50 mph or 80 km/h, is filled new technologies. The upgraded engine can accelerate up to 5000 W* and can reach maximum speed much faster than the Delfast Top (1.0) version. At the race and especially in the traffic the Top 2.0 electric bike can outrun many cars. The new motor can work for a longer period of time with the great engine strain and yet, without overheating.

The comfort of movement is provided by front and rear shock absorbers. The modular design of the bike allows you to customize it at the request: put stock forks of any level, change the frame color and put other grips. As a result, you will get a unique bike with all your needs in mind, which will serve you for decades. Plus, it has the special protection from dust and moisture: IP54 protection standard.

Top 2.0

It is economical and easy to maintain, which means it does not require frequent technical service. Top 2.0 is cost-efficient as there is no charge for gasoline. With Delfast, the one will spend about $ 16** a year on electric charging.


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