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How to Get Your Premium e-Bike Ready for Summer - A Complete Guide

How to Get Your

While your premium-class e-bike is ready for any weather conditions, it still requires guidelines to follow when it is out of winter garage sleep. Nothing can compare to exploring the countryside on your two-wheeler during a hot and bright day. But before you jump on your e-bike, you must make some preparations for summer.

Even if you complied with all storage recommendations for the cold months, you should give your e-bike an overall checkup before hitting the trail again. We recommend to go through the following checklist to ensure your e-bike is ready for your summer outings.

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

The battery is one of the most critical components of your electric bike. Hence, you must be particularly careful with it. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, unlike Lithium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are essential components of premium electric bicycles because of advantages like:

  • minimum maintenance requirements;
  • superior longevity in comparison to other battery types;
  • fast charging without any difficulties;
  • safer handling since the risk of leaks is almost nonexistent.

Lithium-ion batteries perform optimally at 60-80 °F. The performance starts to degrade noticeably when the temperature falls below 40 °F. Likewise, heat above 115°F also degrades the performance. Therefore, there are very specific  battery care instructions for all weather conditions e-bike riders want to follow

Most e-bike batteries can be removed for indoor charging and storing. Follow the instructions by the manufacturer to reinstall the battery on your e-bike if you removed it for winter. If the battery has a switch, turn it off before you mount the battery on your vehicle.

Charge the battery if necessary. To avoid damaging it, always use the charger supplied by the manufacturer. For safety, don’t charge the battery on a flammable surface. Also, make sure there is no moisture or humidity around.

When the temperature is extremely high, you should remove the battery from the electric bicycle and keep it in a cool dry place. Do it if your e-bike is in the sun for several hours while camping, beach riding, long offroad traveling, etc. .

Chain Drive vs. Carbon Belt Drive

Clean and lube the chain drive. Check it for any sign of rust, as rust can be a source of malfunctions. If you notice that the chain makes noise even after cleaning and lubing, then you must replace it. This type of problem can be avoided if your electric bike is equipped with a carbon belt drive instead of a traditional bike chain.

The carbon belt drive offers many advantages, some of which are:

  • Less maintenance. Carbon belt drives are maintenance-free. You don’t need to lube a belt. If it gets caked with mud, you just need to scrub it down.
  • Longevity. If you take proper care of a belt drive, it can last 3 to 5 times more than a bike chain.
  • Clean. No grease or oil is needed.
  • Quiet. Carbon belt drives are almost silent.
  • Lighter. A belt drive weighs just 3 oz, whereas a standard bicycle chain weighs 10.6 oz.

Brakes and Brake Pads

Since an electric bike is heavier than a conventional one, ensuring that brakes work properly is a must. Verify that the disk brakes are in good shape. Activate the brake levers and check whether the pads grab the rim firmly. If you notice any abnormality, take your e-bike to a professional service center.

Brake Cable and Gear Cable

To check the brake cable, press the brake lever. The pads must activate immediately. If this doesn’t happen, then the cable has likely stretched. In such a case, you need to replace it. To test the gear cable, ride your e-bike and shift through all the gears. If you notice that the gears don’t engage easily, it may be time to fine-tune the tension of the cable or replace it completely. If you don’t know how to fix these issues, take your e-bike to an expert.

Other Issues

If you have some DIY skills, you can complete the checklist by doing the following fixes:

  •  remove all the dirt and debris;
  • tight all the nuts and bolts;
  • fix the fork tightly onto the front-wheel axis;
  • fix the saddle firmly and adjust the height;
  • inflate the tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Finally, check whether the software of your e-bike’s electronic system is updated. If not, download and install the latest version. If you are unsure whether you can perform any of these tasks properly, let a professional technician do it for you.

Tips for Long Rides on a Long-Range e-Bike during Summer

If you are the fortunate owner of a long-range electric bike like the Delfast Top 3.0, you’ll surely be tempted to go on very long trips. However, to enjoy your summer cycling to the fullest, you must take into account the following tips to be safe on the hottest days:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. To keep yourself hydrated, you must drink little and often. Drinks with electrolytes are particularly useful.
  • Wear proper clothing. Today, a wide range of cycle clothing is available for all weather conditions. Select lightweight materials for the hottest days. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses with 100% UV filtering lenses.
  • Watch out for unstable road surfaces. The road will have many imperfections after having dealt with snow and ice. Intense heat will also create patches of melted tarmac. Keep an eye on the road surface to prevent any accident.
  • Wear sun cream. Long exposure to solar radiation can result in serious sunburns and a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Wear sun protection on your uncovered skin.
  • Avoid the hottest hours of the day. Take advantage of the plenty of daylight available in the summertime to ride in the morning or evening. In this way, you’ll reduce the inconveniences of riding in intense heat. If you choose to ride in the evening, make sure to equip your e-bike with bright lights in case you’re caught by the darkness.

Even if you own a high-end electric bicycle, you must go through the checklist presented in this article. High-quality components can deteriorate if your electric bike is not properly stored during the cold months. A thorough checkup of the battery and other parts of your e-bike will ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle during the most pleasant season for cycling. Visit our page to get your Top 3.0 and turn every summer ride into a memorable experience.


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