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A Reengineered Classic

Introducing Dnepr

E-powered Motorcycle of the Future
102 mph
Max Speed
35 kW
7.2 kWh
Dnepr E-motorcycle


The electronic motorcycle Dnepr will change the perception of electric-powered vehicles. The powerful 32 kW motor delivers speeds up to 102 mph, the 7.2 kWh battery gives you peace of mind that you can be on the open road for hours without the necessity of a recharge.

With Dnepr, there are no boundaries. The future holds an entirely new type of adventure with the introduction of this premier electric motorcycle.

Make a street your playground. Start your adventure here.

<170 kg
102 mph (limited)
<11.5 s
35 kW
7.2 kWh
240V 30А (Type 1 J1772)
combined (stainless steel tube + forged and pressed Al)
Front tire
Rear tire
160/60- 17
Dnepr E-motorcycle


Heard of Dnepr before? That’s because it’s been a trademark of Ukrainian bikes since 1969. Dnepr motorcycles were designed for off-road riding, military purposes, and for the use of KGB. These were the most powerful Soviet motorcycles ‒ no wonder their fame went far from the military and spread over the bike enthusiasts community. More than 2 million Dnepr motorcycles were manufactured at the KMZ factory in Kyiv, Ukraine along with other popular models. They are a trademark for quality and speed ‒ and now Delfast is reclaiming this legacy by elevating Dnepr into the next century, reintroducing this bike as the EV leader of the pack.

Interesting Facts
  • The Dnepr motorcycle was quite popular among celebrities, like Harrison Ford and Adriano Celentano. The style of this motorbike might look familiar because Cossack motorcycles (based on KMZ vehicles) were featured in Indiana Jones’s movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’.
  • Dnepr motorbike was best known for its off-road ability. Both military and civilian models had sidecars and two-wheel drive. It had great clearance measuring at 5.9 in/15 cm, making it the best choice when navigating difficult roads.
  • Original bike renovation enthusiasts report that the stainless steel frame is the most often the best-preserved part. Since the original Dnepr motorcycle is known for its’ strong frame, we built the electric-powered Dnepr as strong as its’ diesel predecessor ‒ the frame is made of stainless steel and forged aluminum.
  • And now back to 2021: Delfast has the full DNEPR trademark rights. In July 2021, we acquired the DNEPR trademark as our intellectual property. This means two things: now the legend has a second life, and this life is fully electric powered
  • Original design options were limited with black and metallic being dominant colors. Constructing new Dnepr, we decided to play with the palette ‒ now you can spot green and red as colorful accents, but we’re definitely not planning to stop here.
  • In August 2021, the electric prototype of the renovated DNEPR participated at the Bonneville Speed Week. This vehicle was remarkable for breaking the 170kph record in the category A Omega. The pilot was Serhii Malyk, a Ukrainian professional racer and the president of Kyiv City Auto Moto Club. This new speed record beat his previous one set in 2018 (it was 104.78 mph).
  • Originally, Dnepr with its sidecar weighed 350 kg. We made it lighter, decreasing the weight to 170 kg via removing the sidecar and adding forged aluminum parts to the frame.
  • We made our version of legendary Dnepr eco-friendly, stylish, lightweight, and, what’s most important, fast. Replacing the gasoline engine with a powerful electric motor was the biggest challenge ‒ our engineers installed the powerful and lightweight (only 12 kg) EMRAX-228 synchronous electric motor.
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