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Range up to 177km.

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It's time to say good-bye to the legend
It's your last call

Nothing lasts forever and now it's time to say goodbye to the Delfast legend Prime, bike of the year 2019 Offroad, Sur-Ron's killer Cross Dirt, Delfast bestseller of 2019 Top 2.0. It is a bitter-sweet goodbye though, since this step is followed by new great changes. Use your final chance to get one of the greatest Delfast electric bikes.
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1. What is happening? -
Delfast is taking the new course in business centering all of its efforts on one electric bike with the goal to bring it to the ultimate electric excellency. This means that all the further developments of the engineering team as well as marketing and promotion activities will focus on Delfast TOP electric bike model.

Other models, including Offroad, Prime 2.0, Top 2.0 and Cross Dirt, will be available for order until October 31.
2. Why is this happening?
The pandemic gave the company the tough lesson that focus on one ambitious thing is the key to success. Since 80% of our clients choose TOP, the company decided to put all of its resources into the enhancement of this single model. Our goal is to bring Delfast hit to the new level and give our customers what they want and truly deserve - the perfect TOP.

This step shall be considered as the new stage of development. TOP electric bike is, in fact, Delfast best selling model. While responding to the demand of the audience, the company also is focusing on quality, rather than quantity. Mass production was never our goal and now Delfast aims to create the ultimate electric bike that would not have an alternative.
3. Will it affect my order for the model that is now eliminated? Are there any cancellations or delays?
All previous orders will be completed in full with no cancellations or delays. There will be no shifts in the delivery time. The electric bikes purchased during sale will also be produced and shipped according to the standard terms. The customers will also have a lifetime guarantee for the bike's frame/parts.
4. How does Delfast plan to improve TOP? When to expect TOP 4.0?
The plan is to run the full revision of the e-bike including every element of it. This will help us understand what changes are required and what eventually we can offer. Both the outer design and the inner parts will be improved. The goal is to make TOP more powerful, faster, to perfect every inch of it, to minimize bugs and upgrade the smart system.

Modernization and the release of the new model usually takes 6 months minimum. This time is required to implement all the significant and useful upgrades, to run various tests and experiments and, if needed, to modify the e-bike in accordance with the test results.
5. What electric bike models are eliminated and when?
The last call to order Prime, Cross Dirt and Offroad will be on October 31st. Everyone will have a month to make the final purchase of these legendary electric bikes.
6. Delfast recently announced the upcoming release of new models such as Offroad Classic, Offroad Lux and Offroad Expedition, and Fusion. What happens to those electric bikes? Will these projects be realized?
Yes, all of the planned projects will be eventually realized, only after the final upgrade of TOP. It is just the matter of time. Delfast will integrate the most innovative development of the engineering team in the development of the best TOP possible.
7. Delfast announced the upcoming release of the special B2B model called the Trike. What happens to it?
We keep the Trike model on the market. Its production and sales to the business clients will occur as planned. Please note, that only B2C electric bike models will be eliminated, i.e. Prime, Top 2.0, Offroad and Cross Dirt.
8. What about the TOP COP?
TOP COP also stays. It is the unique modification of TOP electric bike, which was specially designed for police. Delfast proceeds with the development of the striking TOP COP electric bike that will meet the needs of the police worldwide.
9. When is the deadline for the last purchase of the models that will be eliminated?
October 31st is the deadline to purchase the desired e-bike. Afterwards, all the electric bike models except TOP and Trike for B2B customers will be off the website.
10. Will there be an increase in the price for TOP?
Delfast is always trying to maintain the stable price range for as long as possible, despite the increasing expenses, i.e. the rising prices for some parts and logistics services due to the COVID pandemic. Moreover, the team is constantly working on the ways to lower the price.

Nevertheless, what matters to Delfast is the balance between the price and quality as well as a contented customer. For that reason, the price increase will occur only if the circumstances put us in such a position.

Let us reassure you that the features of the electric bikes and the joy from riding it will overshadow its price. Moreover, the unique construction design implies minimum expenses on the e-bike's maintenance and tech service.

11. I am a dealer. How do these changes affect me?
When making the decision regarding the new course, Delfast also considered the demand dealers are faced with. More than 80% of dealers sales are TOP 3.0 sales. The team is currently working on the new support programs including the marketing assistance for Delfast partners. Therefore, as a dealer you get more benefit than ever.
12. I am a Delfast partner within the affiliate program. How do these changes affect me?
With one electric bike model being available for sale, affiliates will have an easy time to manage their work. First of all, now they will need only one affiliate link or QR code and second of all, it will be easier for a customer to get familiar with the technical specifications of one single model. Moreover, there is a reason why TOP 3.0 is Delfast bestseller. This electric bike suits practically anyone and greatly performs any reasonable task.
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