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Why Get an Electric Bike

Why Get an Electric

Sales of electric bikes have outpaced all predictions in the past few years, recently surpassing the sales figures of electric cars in the US. For the first time ever some parts of the world are selling more eBikes than conventional bicycles. The pace doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. Why get an electric bike? People understand the benefits and a growing number of reasons to own an electric bike. A healthier planet. A healthier you. Greater access to the outdoors. There has never been a better time to ride electric.


The feature that really sets eBikes apart from their more traditional counterpart, the conventional bicycle, is the pedal assist system and the greater accessibility it provides. The rider has the ability to choose the level of assistance they would like the electric motor to provide, given each rotation of the pedals. There are a number of reasons why this revolutionary invention has helped propel the sales of electric bikes. 

Need help up that hill? With the Top 3.0i you can ask the PAS (Pedal Assist System) to help you up that hill by supplying more power to the motor with each push of the pedal. Craving a workout? Decrease the level of assistance to really challenge yourself. Or set it somewhere in the middle for a comfortable ride with a little bit of both. This feature has helped make cycling more accessible to almost everyone. 

Accessibility comes in all forms. Challenging the professional athlete to go a bit further at the end of a workout. Allowing a person with a disability in need of assistance just the right amount of help in order to ride a bike. Being low-impact enough for those recovering from injuries the chance to get back on the bike. Allowing everyone to have the chance of experiencing the outdoors. Truly the possibilities are endless. 


The stereotype that serious bike riders don't use electric bikes is a thing of the past. Professional athletes use eBikes for training in order to get that extra bit out of their workout. To push past the point they would be able to get to by using only pedal power. Downhill enthusiasts can take many more runs down that trail because of the assistance provided on the way back to the top. 

The everyday commuter may choose a pedal assist mode on the way to work to avoid arriving dripping with sweat and then choose to work harder on their way home from work when they have access to a shower. The best part about an electric bike may just be that you get to choose how and when you want to use pedal assist. After all, it's your bike and your body.

Ride Faster

Depending on the class of eBike you choose, and the laws where you live, pedal assist will help propel you to top speeds of either 20 or 28mph. Much faster than most cyclists in the city. This does not mean you cannot go faster than this while riding downhill or under your own power past this speed. It is the speed regulated for pedal assist systems by most cities and laws for the safety of cyclists. It automatically disengages once the top speed of your electric bike is reached. 

Of course, there are caveats to any rule. The Delfast Top 3.0i can reach speeds up to 50mph in Unlimited Mode. Of course, this is only recommended for private roads, on trails that allow for motorbikes, or under circumstances where laws allow the use of the throttle. With that said, we aren't your parents.

Ride Further

Battery technology is constantly evolving and advancing. The premium lithium-ion batteries in use today are smaller, lighter and have more capacity; meaning they can provide longer electric bike range in a smaller package. Commuter eBikes have a battery range between 35 and 100 miles on single charge. Long range eBikes and eMTB's have a much larger battery and longer range. Our Top 3.0i has a range over 200 miles under optimum conditions as proven by our Guinness World Record

The charging infrastructure for electric bikes is also becoming more readily available, meaning you can charge up during rest or a snack to go that extra mile. If you're staying in hotels along the way it can be as simple as taking your bike or battery up with you to your room for a charge. These side boxes and battery charger will help you go much further, day after day.


Why get an electric bike? Ultimately the choice is yours, but the increased demand for electric bikes means there has never been so many options. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of eBikes to fit any need, want or even personality. Electric bicycles for mountain biking, city commuting, exercise specific, long range, beach cruisers, classics, even cargo bikes for those needing to haul all their cool things around. If you have an idea of what you want, you'll find the right eBike for you.

Save Money

Money talks. This might be the best answer to that question, why get an electric bike? The costs of owning and riding an eBike are much lower than a car or a motorcycle. While the cost of a high-end electric bike can seem cost prohibitive the money you save over the long term is quickly apparent. 

The cost of charging an eBike is between $20 and $30 annually. You can't fill your car's gas tank once for that price. Maintenance, repairs, and those accessories you've been eyeing are all cheaper for an eBike than a car or motorcycle. Most states don't require you to register or insure your electric bike and parking is almost always free. The money you save will add up quickly, allowing you to put that well earned dollar towards more important things than gasoline. 

Why Get an Electric Bike

There has never been a better time to join the eBike revolution. Cities are becoming more bike friendly, infrastructure is turning electric, and your choice of an electric bike has never seen a wider selection. Whether the all around wonder of the ultra long range Delfast Top 3.0i, or another model you've had your eye on, happy electric ride. 

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