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The Premier EV Fleet for
Law Enforcement
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patrol all day
one charge range
(up to 200 miles)
50 mph
top speed

Unrivaled power and range

“Cops on these high power e-bikes can actually go places that motorcycles can’t”
check1 Regenerative brakes
check2 Real-time data reporting
check3 Bluetooth alarm system
check4 Hassle-free movement
check5 Computer-controlled immobilizer
check6 Fully charge battery in 6 hours

Regenerative braking by motor converts energy and stores it in the battery to increase the range.


On board computer and mobile app supply on-demand analytics.


Premium 23L shad side boxes store and transport up to 26 lbs of equipment.


Rugged all-terrain motorcycle tires so you can go anywhere.

The Top Cop eBike delivers on-demand analytics and technology to empower mobility. This record-setting performance is electric.

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gps On-board computer
alarm Bluetooth Alarm System
alarm Computer-Controlled Immobilizer
key Remote Control Keys
app Mobile App with Full System KPIs
smartphone 3G GPS Tracker
brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes
tire All-Terrain Motorcycle Tires
holder Handlebar Smartphone Holder
speedometer Cruise Control
car-lights LED lights & turn signals
usb-plug USB Charger
rearview-mirror Manual Passcode Unlock option
power-button Quick Start START/STOP button
megaphone Electric Horn

Your job never stops, neither should your bike. Patrol silently all day long with the Top Cop eBike. It offers two speed modes (Class 2 & Unlimited) and powers up to 6000 watts. Save time and get there faster by jumping ahead of traffic. Go off-road without issue with the bike’s all-terrain motorcycle wheels.

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Easy to maneuver in dense pedestrian areas, this electrical bike is a top choice for monitoring crowds at events, and when patrolling public lands, parks, and beaches - all without noise or exhaust. This environmentally conscious ride offers power, speed and a low per mile cost investment.

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