ebike top 3.0

Guinness world record
Greatest distance travelled on an electric bike, single charge
Power and
range TOP 3.0

Full pack lights

Front turn and automatic brake lights will keep you visible anywhere, anytime. We installed a powerful lantern to ensure maximum safety, joined with the movement of navigation lights. Even though we have ‘fast’ in our name, Delfast prioritizes safe riding, no matter how you plan to use Delfast ebike - as a mountain electric bike or as a city ebike.
offroad ebike

Smart security system

Wanting you to feel comfortable with every second of using our bikes, we tasked our engineers to find and eliminate any potential threats to the software and hardware of our ebikes. Regardless of the electric bike price, you should feel safe.
offroad electric bikes

Speed Modes

Since Delfast is a pedal assist electric bike, it is equipped with 3 speed options, also our ebikes support pedal assist and full electric modes that also comply with legislations in many different regions for road usage.
e bike top

Technical software

Trying to keep it minimal, but useful - our display shows charge level and other usage information.
50mph ebike

TECh specs

electric city bike
Model Top 3.0 ─   explore more
one charge range
200 mi / 321 km
max speed
50 mph / 80 kph
154 lbs / 70 kg
normal load capacity
298 lbs / 135 kg
city ebike
Support +1 213 933 2123
Address 16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958

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