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Benefits of Electric Bikes

Benefits of Electric

The benefits of riding and owning an electric bike are seemingly endless. Not only are eBikes more fun to ride than conventional bicycles they offer an array of options to meet any rider or any ability. The popularity and availability of e-Bikes is growing rapidly due to the overwhelming benefits provided. 

Let’s explore the benefits provided by electric bikes in all their various forms and functions. 

The Cost Benefits

Electric bicycles are much cheaper to own and operate than cars and motorcycles with equivalent range. Depending on the range of the battery and the type of eBike you want you will spend anywhere between $700 to $7000 on a reliable electric bike. 

The average cost of charging an eBike in the US is just $22 per year, or 5 cents per charge according to ecocostsavings.com. That kind of cost-to-benefit ratio is only one factor to consider. The cost of maintenance, repairs, spare parts and accessories are all much cheaper for electric bikes than for cars or motorcycles.

Commuting on an electric bicycle is a no-brainer when it comes to cost benefits. A high-end electric bike like the Delfast Top 3.0i will cost around $30 per year to charge while giving you top speeds of 50mph and over 200 miles of range in ideal conditions. 

Benefits for Mental Health and Well-Being

There are several mental health benefits associated with riding an electric bike. Being active in and of itself provides a boost to mood, overall sense of well-being and happiness levels. Being outside provides many of these same benefits. Electric bikes help people of all abilities get active outside and improve their mental health and quality of life.

Riding an eBike improves the mental health of all ages and all abilities across all walks of life by expanding access. The more access people have to areas that promote well-being the healthier they become mentally and physically. 

The role of the electric bike in providing accessibility to those who would or could not ride a conventional bicycle is not to be overlooked. In an Australian study the health and well-being benefits for inactive people were measured in those given an eBike over 12 weeks. Analysis of the data showed that “e-cycling improved participants’ mental and physical well-being and that they felt happier when riding an e-bike.” 

Did you know that just planning a trip can improve your happiness and mental wellbeing? Having something to look forward to is a powerful tonic. Explore our guides and then take the actual trip itself:

  • Here is our guide for some of the best eBike routes in America.

Communities and groups around electric bikes are popping up all over the place and are a great way to boost your mental health by meeting like-minded people. Sites such as meetup and Facebook can be easily searched in your local area. We’ve seen flyers up on public boards at libraries, the local coffee shop, and local bike shops. If you don’t find one in your area, consider starting one yourself.

Benefits for Physical Health

Everyone can benefit physically from riding an electric bike. E-bikes adapt to their rider by providing the amount of pedal-assist needed or requested by each individual rider. This provides just the right amount of exercise desired at any given moment.

For the highly adventurous this could be as little as helping the rider get to the top of the mountain so they can save their energy for their aggressive downhill descent. For those who need more assistance, the pedal assist features on an electric bike can provide the right amount of assistance to ensure either a pleasurable ride or a workout of your choice. For those wanting vigorous physical exercise, the pedal assist function can get you to the starting point of a workout or help get you back home afterward, the level of assistance during is up to you.

Electric bikes provide the same benefits to the cardiovascular system as standard bicycles, but with more flexibility and options. Regular cardiovascular exercise has wonderful benefits for your body and brain. E-bike owners ride more often, longer, and report more pleasurable experiences. This study of E-bikers out of Europe shows a substantial increase in physical activity for riders who switched from standard modes of transportation such as cars and public transportation. 

Countless studies have shown the benefits of physical activity and cardiovascular exercise. Electric bike users ride for longer distances and spend more time on their bikes than conventional cyclists, making their overall energy spent very comparable to standard bike riders. The flexibility an eBike allows gives the user control of how much energy they choose to exert each time they ride. 

The eBike is particularly friendly to those who have sustained an injury or are rehabbing from an accident as the different modes allow the user more control over how much force is needed while pedaling. This allows those with prior injuries or with reduced mobility to stay active and healthy. 

Environmental Benefits

Let’s not forget about the environmental impacts that the transportation sector has on our planet. Whether in the short-term or long-term, it is no longer possible to ignore what mother nature is telling us. Buying an electric bike over a car is one way to vote for a cleaner planet into the future.

Federal, State, and local politics surrounding the environment may seem complicated, but it mostly comes down to demand. Choosing to ride an electric bike is a smart way to help not just the planet, but your own community. Electric grids are getting greener around the world because people are demanding it from their politicians and industries. Buying products that run off cleaner energy helps the transition.

When the grid runs on cleaner energy the electricity it takes to charge your electric bike and get you to work is less harmful to the planet because it is powered by solar, wind and other thermodynamic technologies. The demand for cleaner tech means more companies will continue to turn to cleaner energy sources in producing products. 

What does all of this ultimately mean? It means riding your electric bike in a city with cleaner air, cleaner water, with better access to green outdoor spaces is not only achievable but actually possible in some areas already. We think it’s possible everywhere.


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