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Best Bike Accessories for Your Winter Ride

Best Bike

Fall and winter deliver some of the prettiest sights and landscapes of the year. Why not visit them on your electric two-wheeler? Now is the perfect time to charge up your TOP 3.0i and explore some off road trails. 

Using your eBike to commute regularly is great for the planet and your wallet. Fall is the ideal time to perform routine maintenance and get it ready for the cooler season ahead. 

If you think your eBike is already perfect and doesn’t need any upgrade… you may be right.  However, we urge you to read ahead and check out these add-on bike accessories. Afterall, accessories can really enhance your ride ‒ and who knows, after getting them you might even wonder how you ever drove without them.

Here’s how to improve your fall ride with new Delfast eBike accessories.

Replace your bike grip set

Depending on how much you are riding, you may want to replace your grips every 1-2 years. A good grip set is highly beneficial when you drive over long distances ‒ especially if the weather is planned to be a bit rainy ‒ because they help you to better grasp the handlebars. Upgrading your ebike grips lessens the risk of losing your grip and having the throttle slip while your riding, and make your ride both more comfortable and safer

Get your ebike ready for any terrain

With unpredictable autumn weather, you might want to have a spare set of tires for each road situation. We’ve got some options:

  1. 19” Moto Tire Set. These tires come standard on your TOP 3.0i eBike. This tire set is excellent for long rides on any terrain ‒ wet and dry, hot and cold. The tires are perfectly adjusted for unleashing the full power of your bike on challenging terrain.
  2. 19” Dirt Cross Tire Set. Planning a trip that’s mostly off-road? Rad. These tires can handle dirt, mud, and rocks providing excellent grip on whatever your road conditions, and keeping you safer while experiencing off-road. With deep tire tread, you won’t have a problem riding, even during and after heavy rain.

Check your brakes

Make sure to prioritize checking your ebike brakes and brake pads before taking any long cruises this winter. If it’s time to replace them, we’ve got shiny new disc brakes and brake pads available in our Parts & Accessories Store.

Pack it all up!

Need to pack a few more things for work or your upcoming road trip? Side boxes are your best friend, and we have them in different styles to suit your personal brand, Shad Side Boxes and Delfast Side Boxes both require a Universal Rack to assemble, but then provide 23L of extra secure storage while you ride. Want even more space, check out the Shad Rear Top Case or even the super-sturdy Cargo Trailer which can transport up to 88 lbs of additional gear.

Being prepared keeps you safe on the road

Autumn is known for its unpredictable weather and early sunsets. You can make your drive safer by purchasing new lights, an extra battery charger, and side mirrors. If you know you’re going to be taking long trips in various weather conditions, consider picking up a wheel fender to keep you (and your bike) cleaner. 

And that’s about it from us! Grab your helmet and don’t forget to check your electric bike before heading out for a ride - scoping things like air pressure in tires, your brakes, and (of course) charge your battery to its full capacity in order to ride for as long as possible.

Be safe out there! 

Go Green. Go Delfast.

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