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Choosing an eBike for Seniors

Choosing an eBike

We don't like stereotypes and believe that everyone can ride our eBikes, regardless of age. If you are a senior looking for a low-impact way to keep fit and active, an electric bike might be the perfect solution. In this article, we’ll share insights for those who want to enjoy the outdoors but might not be able to ride a traditional bike. Whether you’re looking for leisurely rides around the neighborhood or longer adventures in the countryside, we think an eBike is right for you. 

Five ways electric bikes can benefit older people

  1. Health first. Riding an eBike is beneficial for your overall physical health. Staying active is one of the ways to slow down the aging process, something many seniors are looking for. It is beneficial for your cardiovascular system, your musculoskeletal system, as well as your joints. Electric bikes help you stay active because they add convenience and ease into your life.
  2. Balance. Exercise that trains your core muscles and leg muscles is helpful for overall balance. Balance is of particular concern for many seniors if the risk of falls has become more likely. Riding a bike is helpful because it strengthens the ancillary muscles around your joints and ligaments, providing more stability. It also helps to train your brain to be more aware of body positioning and getting practice balancing on a regular basis.
  3. Mental agility and health. Mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health. Riding an eBike has double the benefits of exercising at home because it also gets you into the outdoors. Mental and emotional health show dramatic improvements in older populations that get regular exercise. Being outside in nature also boosts one’s overall sense of well-being and improves mental and emotional health. Riding an eBike combines the two.
  4. Ability appropriate. The truly wonderful thing about eBikes is that they are so versatile that almost all users, of all ages can use them. They are particularly helpful for seniors because of pedal assistance. The pedal assist systems can be set to help however much you need. This means that if you’ve had surgery, an injury, or if you experience pain when riding a traditional bicycle, you may want to look at an eBike. eBikes help you pedal, decreasing the pressure on your joints, muscles, or just helping when a ride is too difficult. Of course, please consult your doctor before starting any new activity.
  5. Community. Electric bike groups are popping up all over the place. Staying active with a group of friends is a wonderful way to stay connected while staying fit. The added health benefits of being in community and sharing an activity every week are a real positive. We also know that accountability is a plus when it comes to creating new habits. 

Choosing an electric bike for seniors

Choosing the right eBike can seem like a difficult task. It really depends on your goals and level of activity. Do you plan on using it to commute? Are you mostly taking shorter rides around town? Or would you like an eBike to stay fit or get outside regularly? Do you want to take longer rides in the countryside?

If you need an electric bike for your daily commute, you will need a model that has a larger battery so you can go a specific distance depending on the length of your commute. If your commute has steep uphill sections, you’ll likely want an eBike with at least a 500W motor.

 An eBike with a step-through frame is a good idea for anyone who might have a hard time getting their leg over the top of a traditional frame. Our Delfast California has an ergonomically designed U-frame that is not only easy to access but is also strong and lightweight. Lightweight is another design element to look for to make sure the eBike can be moved to wherever you plan to store it. 

 A comfortable ride can make all the difference in whether you stick with your new habit. Finding a bike with full suspension, a comfortable seat, and is easy to ride will all be important things to consider. Nothing is more jarring than hitting a pothole and not having suspension to quiet the impact. 

Another consideration will be how smart you’d like your eBike to be. We believe intuitive intelligence can make life much easier and allow you to focus on the important task of riding. A capable onboard computer will track the things you need to know, like miles per hour, how much range you have left on your battery, and what pedal assist mode you’re using. All the important things should be able to be controlled from the display or your own smartphone. 

Versatility is important in an eBike for seniors. An eBike that has enough range to get you where you need to be. Is powerful enough to help you up the hills. Is comfortable enough to protect you from bumps and rough terrain. Is smart enough to work intuitively.

Consider The Delfast California

The Delfast California is a comfortable, versatile, and smart eBike. Featuring an easily removable 48V 20Ah Li-ion battery and a powerful 750W mid-drive motor. It’s perfect for riders of all levels and especially suitable for seniors thanks to its step-through frame design and upright riding position. Full suspension and a comfort width seat keep the road feeling soft. It has an impressive range of 100 miles on a single charge, so you don't need to worry about recharging every ride. 

 No matter what eBike you ultimately choose, we hope you enjoy the ride.

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