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Comparing Partner and Partner 2.0

Comparing Partner

Let’s start with the front brakes. Partner (1.0) has the single disc front brakes. In contrast, Partner 2.0 has the now the updated double disc front brakes, same as in Top 2.0 and Prime 2.0 electric bikes.


Delfast brought the great change to the gear as well. Partner 2.0 has the Carbon drive or the so-called belt drive with one gear chain. It has the mileage up to 20 000 km and thus, has the life cycle 10 times longer than the previous Partner’s chain. Moreover, the Carbon drive ensures the quiet ride with little tech assistance. 


Speaking of the battery, Delfast increased its capacity by 6%. The new Partner 2.0 has the longer range for your longer rides. 


The front lights have also been upgraded. A rider can enjoy the convenience of both low and high beams. You are now ready for more adventures at the night time!


In case you always dreamed of the matte colored e-bike, Delfast now has this option available. Go to our web store and choose the desired color as well as the additionals. 


All in all, the new Partner 2.0 is out there for you to be more productive!

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