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Electric Bike For Mountain and Offroad Ride

Electric Bike For

A lot of bikers with a passion for mountain rides switched to electric-assist mountain bikes. This is also the case for many fans of offroad riding. 

Sometimes the terrain you can meet during your offroad rides requires extra effort both from you and your two-wheeler. This is where having a full suspension electric mountain bike can come in handy.

The main benefits of choosing a mountain eBike for your offroad trips include its durability and big battery capacity. There's more to that, though, so let's see how opting for a mountain eBike can aid you in your offroad trips.

Is it OK to ride mountain electric bikes offroad?

Sure, why not? Electric bikes are in general more flexible than conventional ones. You can adjust the pedal assist to your riding style and dodge any obstacles on your way without worrying about speeding up or slowing down too much.

A mountain eBike is perfect for any road conditions. Motorcycle tires of TOP 3.0i are ready for any kind of challenge, and unlimited pedal assist mode unleashes a 3000W motor power that can get you through the most extreme trails.

Also, you can adjust a mountain electric bike for your riding style. Need some help with climbing up a hill? Add more power from the mountain bike electric motor. Want to slow down for a bit and enjoy the view? Change the mode and you're all set!

Besides, TOP 3.0i is exceptionally well designed for the hardest conditions. It has a sturdy frame made of high-tensile steel — it provides you with great resistance no matter how hard the road gets.

How fast can a mountain electric bike be during the offroad trip?

Technically, TOP 3.0i falls under the Class 2 eBike category with motor power limited to 750W. But when you go offroad, you can easily switch into the Unlimited mode and unlock 3000W with the maximum speed of 50 MPH. But, you know, mind your safety first. 

Sure, you don't have to speed up to this 50 MPH, but it's nice to have this option and this motor power when you're dealing with rocky terrains and hills. Also, you can use the throttle power when you feel like you don't want to pedal — during your ride back home, for example.

Another benefit of riding a fast electric-assist mountain electric bike offroad is its huge battery capacity. With a 72V 48Ah battery, TOP 3.0i can provide you with 3456 Watt-hours — enough to ride around 110 miles in difficult conditions.

With that in mind, you can easily plan your ride including the way back home. TOP 3.0 is ready for a challenge, so why not get it ready for a new off-road eBike trip?

Other things you might want to get ready for your extreme trip

But first, basic preparations.

  1. Make sure your electric bike is fully charged before heading for the trip. You want your two-wheeler to be in mint condition before taking a long ride, so don't forget to charge it to the fullest.
  2. Check the tires and breaks. Make sure that tires have the same and adequate air pressure inside. For brakes, make sure they're synchronized and have enough grease on them for a smoother reaction.
  3. Don't forget your helmet. Although a lot of states require it by default, it's more a matter of your own safety. Equip yourself with a helmet, double-check local eBike regulations of the state or county where you'll be riding, and you're good to go.

Also, it's a good idea to get your TOP 3.0i fully ready for a ride like that. Our parts store has a lot of goodies for that.

A high-quality grip set will improve your grip on the steering wheel — when it's rainy or too hot, you don't want your hands to slip. Additionally, you can invest in a new tire set. We have a perfect option: a 19" Dirt Cross Tire Set. It's a good thing to buy especially if you've already spent some quality time with your current tire set — you need to change them from time to time.

By choosing a TOP 3.0i, you get the best ride partner you could possibly find — flexible, agile, and durable.

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