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How Pedal Assist Works

How Pedal Assist

Not every rider knows what can pedal-assist do for them ‒ and that’s okay, we’re all learning here on the way. If you’re not a fan of making your legs sore after especially long rides, you’ll definitely love our assist options. Pedaling can be much easier with them, you can even reach your maximum speed (but only if you’re riding on the appropriate road within the speed limit and with your safety equipment on ‒ be careful with high speeds!).

How does it work?

Delfast eBikes have three options to put the vehicle into motion:

  • throttle mode;
  • pedaling;
  • assisted pedaling.

Throttle mode uses the power of the motor to drive the eBike without pedaling (at all). Basically, your eBike turns into a scooter.

Unlike throttle mode, PAS relies mostly on your pedaling, providing it with additional power from the motor to ease your effort. You’ll feel it like a slight push that helps you move the pedals.

The higher mode you choose, the more power will be used. That doesn’t mean that the lowest setting won’t make any difference, though. Remember that the higher the mode, the faster the battery drains ‒ this is why you have to choose the optimal PAS mode to drive easier and save the battery until the next charge.

How can PAS on Delfast eBikes benefit your rides?

Our eBikes have three modes to operate with:

  • eco ‒ no assist, only your pedaling;
  • city ‒ mild assist, you can speed up without feeling tension in your legs. This mode uses 750W of power and complies with Class 2 requirements for most states;
  • unlimited ‒ provides you with a 3000W power that can peak to 6000W so you nearly don’t need to put any effort.

This means you’re free to use the bike for whatever goal you’ve set for it. Need a boost of speed on the highway? Choose the mode you feel comfortable with and speed up. Want to take a break from pedaling but still feel the control that it gives you? Switch to the Unlimited mode and enjoy the sight around you. Feel like you need some cardio exercise? Switch to the lowest setting and go for it.

PAS gives you the freedom of choice. If you want to take a really long ride, you can turn the system to the lowest setting to preserve the battery. We have a record-breaking riding range of 200 miles on a single charge ‒ this is your chance to experience it! And if you want to get somewhere as fast as possible ‒ switch to the highest setting and enjoy the speed. Keep in mind local rules and speed regulations, and stick to them.

Actually, you can make the use of PAS even more beneficial:

  1. Adapt your mode to the traffic or mountain. City mode is for exactly what it says ‒ for riding in difficult traffic while complying with eBike laws. You can also use this mode if you need additional help on mild climbs. 
  2. Save more battery power while turning PAS off during long or easy rides on plain terrains. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding the nearest charging station.
  3. Turn it on when you’re carrying the additional weight. This way, you won’t lose speed and the driving will be much easier (especially on the climbs).

Pedal-assist modes are perfect for those who enjoy offroad routes or drive in difficult traffic on a daily basis. Everyone needs a little help sometimes ‒ that’s why our team developed this system additionally to throttle mode.

This is something you definitely should feel ‒ no words will describe exactly how this feature feels in the motion. Try it out now and order TOP 3.0 from our website!

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