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What's New in Top 2.0

What's New in Top

Delfast Top 2.0 is an upgraded and improved version of the Delfast Top model. It is the model with the highest speed in our lineup. Delfast Top 2.0’s speed can reach up to 50 miles per hour. With such speed, the strain on the bike systems grows exponentially.

Having studied our customers’ experience, we understood that we are in a need for change. First of all, we have changed and refined the engine and brake system as the most important bike elements.

The new engine of the Delfast Top 2.0 model can accelerate up to 5000 W and can reach maximum speed much faster than the Delfast Top version. We are sure that in a quarter-mile race Delfast Top 2.0 will leave many cars far behind. The original Top model – as you might know – is equipped with a 3000 W motor. It works quite well for the city riding, but when you leave the city and ride off-road, pressure on the engine increases due to the terrain change. This can lead to overheating of the engine and even outage. The same problem could arise while riding on the highway for a long time at maximum speed. That is why taking into account the preferences and comments from our customers, we chose the new motor for the improved and more powerful version of Top which is able to work for a much longer time with significant engine strain without overheating.

We took care of its protection from dust and moisture as well. The Delfast Top 2.0 engine has an IP54 protection standard, which makes it possible to use this electric bike in almost any weather and under any conditions.


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The result of the high dynamic characteristics of the updated engine is the increased load on the brake system, which, given its high mass, could be unsafe for the rider. For the Delfast Top model, we use single-disk braking systems that cope with speeds provided by a 3000 W motor, but after a series of tests, we decided to make changes accommodate the new enhanced engine.

Our engineers have installed durable double disc brakes for the Delfast Top 2.0 model. Such a system is installed on cross-country motorcycles, it has proven itself in the most difficult conditions.

top vs top 2.0

Of course, Delfast electric bike is not a classic ‘enduro’. And it’s not even a ‘doomsday bike’. Delfast Top is a bike that travels record-breaking distances comfortably. And since the comfort of our customers is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy along with the range and reliability, we have changed and improved the internal design of the controller, refining its firmware.

Now it provides smoother and safer engine operation over a wide range of speeds, even compared to the previous model. And now the controller for Delfast Top 2.0 is combined with a crisp waterproof color display, which certainly affects the comfort of use.


top vs top 2.0

Moreover, the new controller at Top 2.0 is equipped with a protective casing. And the new fenders make the Delfast Top more aggressive-looking.


top vs top 2.0

Delfast Top 2.0 is the electric bike that has the looks that correspond to its specs – it’s an all-around e-bike champion.

top 2.0

You can pre-order Delfast Top 2.0 till June, 14 and save up to $500! Use this promo code ORDERTOP2NOW when contacting our managers at [email protected] or via our chat at delfastbikes.com.

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