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Why did Delfast enter the B2B segment?

Why did Delfast

Delfast, the electric bike manufacturer, emerged from the business performing the delivery service. Thus, the company knows about the needs of the couriers when it comes to their mode of transportation. 

Since 2014 Delfast has been developing the most efficient mode of transportation for delivery services from scratch. From the very beginning  Delfast tried to develop the perfect e-bike for their own delivery workers and it succeeded. The Delfast delivery company, based in Kyiv, Ukraine,  is still operating and provides its service to individual clients as well as  online stores and restaurants. 

Even though, the brand’s lineup includes both urban and offroad models, Delfast yet specializes in the e-bikes for the B2B clients. The switch from the scooters, vans and regular bicycles to the electric bikes is Delfast’s goal. And there are reasons behind this idea.

To start with, electric bikes are cost-efficient, which is very important for any business or individual entrepreneur (an independent courier). There is no charge for the fuel, for parking or frequent technical service. Moreover, riding an e-bike does not require the driving license. The budget is, thus, limited to a single-payment for the e-bike itself and the rare tech maintenance. 


When comparing it to the regular bicycle, the electric bike requires practically no physical effort. That means that a personal of any age and any physical state can perform their duties by using the e-bike. Moreover, due to those reasons plus the great battery capacity the one can make more deliveries per day and therefore, make more money. The electric bike is a real long-term investment. 

In addition, the e-bike is delivery mode of transportation that is both efficient and eco-friendly. With Delfast, a rider limits its CO2 footprint. Anyone can have the perfect tool for professional experience leaving zero emission in the air. Delfast perceives the electric bike to be one of the greatest ways to reduce the impact of the human activity on the environment. 

Especially at the times of the pandemic, we now see how much the nature has been suffering. EVs have no harm. Moreover, it is the time when we all can finally appreciate the work done by delivery workers. They all transport packages, food, medicine etc., to those in danger of leaving their home. For them, Delfast designed three unique models, one of which is yet in the stage of prototyping: Partner, Partner 2.0 and Trike. Those are three very uniques electric bike models, specially developed for B2B customers only. 

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