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Debuting the
Delfast California EBike

So Fun. So Fast. Rides Like a Dream.

Ease into the work week with power, intelligence, style… and 100 miles of range. The Delfast California Class 3 eBike blends a hyper-intelligent onboard computer, the power of a 750W mid-drive motor and the grace and balance of the first U-frame in the industry. Fully connected. Fully powerful. Fully beautiful.

Quite possibly the best commuter eBike ever built.

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Fully Powerful.
Fully Connected.

Auto-On Front LED Light
One-Piece Steel U-frame
Tri Spoke Street Stunners
Bafang 750W Mid-Drive Motor
66 lbs (30 kg)
LCD Color Matrix Display
Max Grip All-Terrain Tires
Wireless Charging Phone Mount
Intelligent Onboard Computer
Removable Li-ion battery
Auto-On Front LED Light
One-Piece Steel U-frame
Tri Spoke Street Stunners
Bafang 750W Mid-Drive Motor
66 lbs (30 kg)
LCD Color Matrix Display
Max Grip All-Terrain Tires
Wireless Charging Phone Mount
Intelligent Onboard Computer
Removable Li-ion battery
4-hour charge time
Speeds up to 28mph
Handles like a dream

In the News

“The e-bike has been designed and engineered for everyday commutes to be versatile, comfortable to ride and easy to hop on and off, thanks to its U-frame design.”

— Forbes

“The low step-through frame will certainly be a favorite among riders, and the smaller 20″ wheels with tri-spoke mag wheels help keep the bike’s heft in check.”

— Electrek

“The Delfast California e-bike is a statement. It was designed as a symbol of resistance in Ukraine by a Ukraine-based manufacturer.”

— autoevolution

“Delfast’s newest model, the California, isn’t a radical, badass electric dirt bike, but rather, a road-going city commuter with practicality in mind.”

— Insideevs
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electrek electrek
autoevolution autoevolution
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In the News


The design for the Delfast California eBike was born in Los Angeles with the grit and determination of Ukraine behind it.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, unprovoked. One of our designers was touring our new headquarters based in Los Angeles when the war broke out. How do you cope when you’re stuck outside of your war-torn country and feel unable to help? Design an eBike that represents more than yourself. With the help of the California team, and 30 employees working from the heavily bombarded Kyiv, he dreamt up quite possibly the best commuter eBike ever built.

The Delfast California is a symbol of resistance in Ukraine with the help of the United States. And it may be one of the most intelligent, powerful, classically beautiful commuter eBike ever designed.



Unassuming Powerhouse

Delfast California is your laid-back office to offline workhorse. The Bafang M620 high-performance 750W motor drives this silent, hill-climbing commuter eBike. With faster acceleration than all its competitors, in a package that turns heads.

Mind-Bending Torque

160 Nm max torque, plus our proprietary lightweight U-frame, combine for the maximum acceleration allowed in a Class 3 eBike. Blow past everyone on your way to the lineup, then blow dry your hair in the wind on your way home. 28mph max speed in Class 3 PAS mode.

Quick Remove Li-ion Battery

Charge anytime or anywhere. Or don’t. Removable Samsung lithium-ion battery with 4-hour charge time, powers your ride up to 100 miles with PAS at 20mph. Battery securely locks to frame for peace of mind. Remove, charge, ride, repeat.

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Hyper Intelligence

Fully connected. The hyper intelligent onboard computer syncs app, display, controller, systems, and all components in real time. It functions as a single organism and delivers data at your fingertips.

Ultimate Security

Security done smart. Location tracking, automatic immobilization, Bluetooth lock and unlock, customizable alarm that sounds if your eBike is moved. All these functions, and more, controlled by you on the Delfast | My eBike Ride app

Optimal Balance

Take a balanced approach. The mid-drive motor and high-capacity battery are placed at the base of the lightweight U-frame, optimizing its center of gravity and balance. This gives the rider easy grace over handling and control of the bike at every turn.

One Year Warranty

A class leading 1-year warranty. The Delfast California eBike is built with precision and is covered by our failsafe warranty. Relax and enjoy your ride while we continue to make sure everything functions as it should.

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Lightweight U-Frame

The industry’s first U-frame bike, as classically strong as a roman arch, intuitively designed for step-through access for all. Lightweight form, with 100% American steel for unsurpassed strength and performance. Perfectly positioned battery and motor at the base for balanced agility.

Comfort-First for All

Delfast California is designed for everyone. Pivoting handlebars and maximum seat adjustment fit riders from 5 ft to 6 ft 3 in and upwards of 264 lbs. Step-through U-frame, comfortable seat, and super-soft DNM full suspension deliver a comfort-first ride on any terrain.

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Full Specs

Class of E-bike
Class 3 = Manual and PAS modes (5 levels)
USA Model: 100 miles (full charge range in PAS when driving in 20 mph)
EU Model: 200 kilometers (full charge range)
PAS has power modes 1-5
Rated power
USA Model: 750W (1000W peak in PAS Mode 5)
EU Model: 250W
Max Speed
USA Model: 28 mph max speed (45 km/h)
EU Model: 25 kph max speed (15.5 mph)
0-28 mph (45 km/h) in 5 seconds
Weight (w/o rider)
66 (30 kg) lbs
Max load capacity
264 lbs (120 kg)
Full charging time
4 hours
USA Model: Bafang M620 750W, max torque 160 Nm
EU Model: Bafang M410 250W, max torque 80 Nm
48V 60A
Speed & torque integrated
48V 20Ah Li-Ion battery with BMS
Charger Output
USA Model: Output 54.6 V. - 5A; Input 100-120V; US plug
EU Model: Output 54.6V - 5A; Input 200-240V; EU plug
Electric Transmission
Pedal Transmission
Bafang Single speed, chain drive, Cranks 170mm
Bafang LCD Color Matrix Display with light sensor
Proprietary Delfast U-frame: 100% Steel
66 x 25.5 x 46 in | 165 x 70 x 117 cm
Braking System
Avid BB5 MTB Mechanical Disc Brake with Tri-Align™ Caliper Positioning System™ and tool-free brake pad replacement
Brake discs
Mechanical brake discs: 160 mm
All-Terrain Tires (20 x 3.0 in)
Case protection
IP32 (water & dust resistance classification)
Motor protection
IP56 (water & dust resistance classification)
Auto-on LED Headlight and LED brake light
Additional Functions
On-board computer with bluetooth security system (UART)
Built-in navigation system: GSM 4G enabled backup controls computer when off-grid (with SIM card included)
Mobile App Integration: “Delfast | My eBike Ride” App with location tracking
Wireless-charging phone holder
Adjustable seat and handlebar

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Power, Intelligence & Style

The Delfast California hosts the most advanced controller on the block. An onboard computer that intelligently connects power with structural integrity and grace. Resulting in a perfectly balanced commuter eBike.

My eBike Ride App:

odometr Track total mileage, odometer, and speedometer metrics
power Monitor power and remaining range
gps Activate the “Find My eBike” function if your bike disappears
lock Lock and unlock your bike; arm and disarm alarm

Onboard Computer & Display

nokey No key required with this bike
Unlock and ride using manual passcode or app
range Have access to your real-time remaining range forecast at all times
alarm Bluetooth alarm & systems integrations backup ride info when you’re off-grid
immobilizer Immobilizer theft-protection prevents bike theft by blocking motor connection
gps GSM 4G for built-in GPS navigation, providing route-building and re-routing

Color to Suit Your Style

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Delfast California Models

Legality is important. In order to make sure our worldwide audience has access to the Delfast California bike model, we have created this ebike with two model options. Laws in Europe require more limited power and speed, but the bike remains a blast to ride.

Choose the model that’s best for you after the campaign concludes. Price remains the same. Shipping is included. We’ll be in touch to confirm model, bike frame color and bike rim color.

Model Motor Power Nm Speed Range
USA M620 750W 160 28 mph 100 miles
EU M410 250W 80 25 kph 200 km
1-Year Warranty
Delivery in June/July
24-Hour Customer Service
No License Required

Disclaimer: Final specs may differ in final model, but without significant changes to performance

The Delfast California eBike

The Golden State commuter eBike designed in CA with Ukrainian resolve. Quite possibly the best commuter eBike ever built. Designed to fit everyone and with flexibility for all body types, this lightweight electric bike features a first in the industry step-through single-piece steel U-frame. The perfect eBike for women, men, teenagers, commuters, and weekend adventurers. A city eBike with soft full suspension that is comfort ready for a smooth transition to the trails. What other features make the Delfast California the best electric commuter bike? Let’s have a look.

So what makes this light eBike so special?

  • Light weight electric bikes are among the most popular eBikes on the market right now.
  • This comfortable electric bike fits riders from 5 ft to 6 ft 3 in and with a maximum weight capacity of 264 lbs.
  • One of the many unique things about this bike is its one-of-a-kind single-piece U-frame which gives it unsurpassed strength and balance. This strength makes it the ideal eBike for commuting.

Smarts & Power Delivered in a City Bike

It’s smart too. Way smart. Maybe the smartest eBike for commuting. It hosts one of the most capable and intelligent onboard computers on the market. It relays every piece of information that comes its way, from app, display, components or real-time sensor readings like the force applied to the pedals. Comfort is an eBike that senses the force applied and uses the pedal assist system to seamlessly add the right amount of power.

Speaking of power. The Bafang M620 mid-drive 750W motor is one of the most powerful and lightweight motors ever built. Making it perfect for women or men wanting a light, responsive, but fun as it can be commuting experience. From 0-28mph in an electric 5 seconds. All while giving 100 miles of range in a stylish eBike. The best electric commuter bike.

Delfast California eBike Design

Not to be outdone in style, grace, and those beautiful arching lines. This lightweight electric bike is a thing of beauty, but with street style and engineering prowess to match. Would you expect anything less from an electric bicycle dubbed California? The commuter eBike with tri spoke street stunner wheels. Head snapping good looks. But with enough smarts and intelligence to rival any tech CEO in Silicon Valley.

It's One of the Best Bikes in the USA

Intelligence, style, and performance wrapped into a single lightweight electric bike: The best commuter eBike. A city eBike. An adventure eBike. First in comfort electric bike. Perfect ebike for women and men who crave comfort, lightweight agility, range, intelligence, and performance. The Delfast California is your all around best electric commuter bike.

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