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FAQsRiding Tips

Riding Tips

How can I ride safely in winter conditions and rain?

Every season is beautiful when it comes to riding an eBike. However, there are some things you should consider before going on a ride in cold, rainy and snowy weather:

  • Dress appropriately. Make sure your body and face are covered well enough to keep you warm despite the wind and cold temperatures.
  • Take care of your eBike. Don’t store it outside when it’s freezing (we’re talking below 30F), make sure it’s fully charged before your ride, and check to make sure the tires aren’t flat. Also, we recommend installing special winter tires that provide you with better traction.
  • Make sure your brakes and lights work properly ‒ this is a rule of thumb during any season, but in foggy weather and on slippery roads it’s even more important.
  • Don’t ride when it’s freezing. The battery might not operate correctly in temperatures around 0F or during winter storms and blizzards.No need to put yourself in danger.

This is my first electric bike. What are some basic eBike Riding tips?

Here are some of the best eBike riding tips if you’re completely new to eBiking:

  • Make sure your eBike is in tip-top condition before taking it for a ride. This means, give it a proper visual inspection, checking the brakes, lights, tires, and check to make sure you have a fully charged battery.
  • Follow all traffic rules. Personal responsibility is critical, even though your eBike doesn’t feel as big and “serious” as a car on the road, your position and behavior on the road affects everyone.Know your route. Check your route before you start driving. It will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises - and pack the appropriate amount of snacks - before a long trip.
  • Turn on your lights to make sure you’re visible on the road.

What are some insider lifehackers that could be helpful to know?

Did you know that lowering tire pressure during rainy weather will provide you with better traction? Also, if you choose to get a new Li-ion battery, fully charge it up on the first charge to make it last up to 12 hours (and to make sure the charge cycles kick off in the right way). These and many other tips are available on our blog ‒ they’re a good read, we promise.

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